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Our goal …

To introduce people of all ages to the joy and countless benefits of musical study and music appreciation. Be Sharp Music specializes in preparing younger children and teenage students for school performances, music recitals, concerts, auditions, and even music scholarships. At Be Shape Music we have music lesson programs specifically tailored to younger children and separate programs for teen students and adult learners.

For adults, whether your goal is to get out there and gig (don’t quit your day job right away) or to just play for your own enjoyment, teen and adult music lessons with Be Sharp Music's professional music teachers will give you the ability and confidence to entertain your friends and family.

Why we do it …

Recent studies have  established a causal relationship between music and enhanced learning abilities. Musical training dramatically enhances abstract reasoning skills, which are essential to learning math and science, while also improving reading skills.

Studying music contributes to a person’s ability to perform, whether that’s with a musical instrument or a new technology we’ve yet to dream of, music makes us smarter. Most importantly, lets face it, not only is learning to play an instrument satisfying and rewarding, it’s just plain fun!

Music Lessons (partial list) - most can be remote

Piano Lessons
Keyboard Lessons
Guitar Lessons
Voice Lessons
Singing Lessons
Vocal Coaching

Bass Lessons
Drum Lessons (Drums Lessons)
Violin Lessons
Cello Lessons
Saxophone Lessons
Flute Lessons

Trumpet Lessons
Trombone Lessons
Clarinet Lessons
French Horn Lessons
Harmonica Lessons

Remote Online One-on-One Music Lessons (Contactless)

To help eliminate the threat of COVID-19, we are now offering personal one-on-one music lessons online using Zoom, Skype or Face-time in the privacy of your home.  Don't let your child miss out on their music classes due to Covid-19 restrictions, call or text 732-859-9009 today and find out about our on-line professional contactless personal music lessons. 

Previously we only offered classes in Monmouth County NJ, but now we are offering remote music lessons in anywhere in the world. As long as you have a internet connection and a web-cam, tablet or mobile phone, we have professionally trained music teachers to work with your child remotely. Call or text 732-859-9009 or send us an email.

Lessons for Children

Music lessons childrenBe Sharp Music offers music lessons in our Monmouth County, NJ studio or if you prefer, you can have private music lessons in the convenience of your home anywhere in New Jersey, or New York City.Our professional music instructors enjoy teaching, and most of them are graduates of top music schools and conservatories. We will choose a teacher that best suits your child’s interests and learning style and you can be sure that we will teach your child the correct and most effective methods and techniques, while keeping it fun and enjoyable!Almost immediately your child will be playing songs and participating in Be Sharp Music recitals several times a year.

Deciding on an instrument to play

How to decide which instrument to play is just as important as your decision to give your child music lessons. The piano or a keyboard is a great first instrument, especially for young children ages 3 and up. It’s fun and easy from the get-go and can offer immediate gratification. The piano is one of the few instruments that allows them to learn the bass clef (low sounds) and the treble clef (high sounds). It also gives your child a solid overall music education and foundation, which later they can apply to other instruments and voice if they choose.

Our trained professional music staff will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have. This step is very important, allowing us to get to know about your child’s learning style, experience, and musical goals. The better acquainted we become, the better we can serve you and your children’s needs!

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Lessons for Teens and Adults

Be Sharp Music offers lessons in our Monmouth County, NJ studio or the convenience of your home or office anywhere in New Jersey or New York City.We will choose a music teacher that best suits your musical interests and objectives, using the most effective methods and music teaching techniques, while keeping it fun and enjoyable! Some of our teaching staff are graduates of Berklee College of Music in Boston, as well as other top music schools and conservatories. All of our professional music instructors enjoy teaching and have an excellent reputation for inspiring and motivating both teen and adult music students. Most teachers are professional musicians working either in rock, jazz or classical bands and orchestras in the tri-state area.

We don’t just teach music, we know how to relate what is taught into practical use. Almost immediately after starting music lessons with Be Sharp Music, you will gain proficiency at your musical instrument, voice, playing songs, and even improvising!

Be Sharp Music also presents several music concerts and recitals during the course of the year, which students are welcome and encouraged to participate in.

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